Print and digital graphics

This project required creating the image concept, building the full book layout in InDesign, and designing promotional assets such as slides, Facebook posts, web banners, and a 24"x36" poster in Photoshop and Illustrator.

I love the results of this project because the topic of the study was women in the Bible who allowed God to transform their lives and how those lessons can be applied by women today. So, I wanted to show a women that not only represented that time period and culture but also appealed to modern tastes. The limited color palette allows attention to be drawn to the tradition headscarf. The strong facial features and expression of the woman give the impression that she is not weak or passive. The grungy, shabby-chic style represents a work that is not yet complete or refined. 

Workbook cover
Workbook interior pages 1
Workbook interior pages 2
Instagram graphic
24"x36" poster
Workbook interior pages 3
Powerpoint introduction slide
Powerpoint blank slide
Website banner
Website banner alternate

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